RD623 - Virginia Office for Substance Abuse Prevention 2023 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Office for Substance Abuse Prevention (VOSAP), operating as the VOSAP Collaborative, is pleased to report on substance abuse prevention efforts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VOSAP member agencies represent four secretariats including: Education, Health and Human Resources, Public Safety and Homeland Security, and Transportation. External to state government, VOSAP partners with community coalitions and other organizations that promote health, safety and wellness within the Commonwealth.

The VOSAP Collaborative promotes and supports data-driven prevention planning, evidence-based prevention programming, capacity development and formal data-driven evaluation. During VOSAP Collaborative meetings, representatives from 13 agencies and organizations reported on individual and joint projects related to prevention and identified ways to further support their shared mission to promote health and safety in the Commonwealth. While a range of prevention efforts were discussed in 2023, particular attention was paid to the state of recreational cannabis use and the law, in addition to the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Statutory Authority

Pursuant to HB 1291 and SB 678 of 2012 (Chapter 835 of the 2012 Acts of Assembly), enacted through § 4.1-103.02 of the Code of Virginia, the Governor's reorganization of executive branch of state government states:

“The responsibility for the administration of a substance abuse prevention program transfers from the Governor to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The bill gives the ABC Board the duty to (i) coordinate substance abuse prevention activities of agencies of the Commonwealth in such program, (ii) review substance abuse prevention program expenditures by agencies of the Commonwealth, and (iii) determine the direction and appropriateness of such expenditures. The Board is to cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies, private and public agencies, interested organizations, and individuals in order to prevent substance abuse within the Commonwealth. The Board must report annually by December 1 to the Governor and the General Assembly on the substance abuse prevention activities of the Commonwealth. [Enactments 103-104; HJ 49 #37]"