RD645 - Virginia LGBTQ+ Advisory Board 2023 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Board has prepared 11 recommendations to address emerging concerns faced by the Commonwealth’s LGBTQ+ Community.


1. Establish Educational Environments Where Students are Empowered.

2. Empower a Diverse Workplace

3. Bring Care to the People

4. Expand Healthcare Access

5. Implement Governor Youngkin’s “Make Virginia Home" Plan to Increase Homeownership and Improve Access to Affordable Housing Throughout Virginia

6. Invest in Homelessness Assistance and Prevention Programs, Particularly Those Serving Virginia’s LGBTQ+ Youth Population

7. Increase Access to Broadband Internet in all Parts of the Commonwealth, Upgrade the Power Grid, and Make Improvements to Virginia’s Electrical Transmission Infrastructure

8. Express Public Support for LGBTQ Virginians through Executive Action

9. Bolster Law Enforcement Capabilities with Support for LGBTQ Liaison Programs

10. Support Removal of Obsolete Discriminatory Virginia Laws

11. Eliminate Unnecessarily Gendered Language in the Systematic, Service, and Operational Documents of Virginia