RD688 - Office of Data Governance and Analytics Annual Report – December 1, 2023

Executive Summary:

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics(ODGA) within the Secretary of Administration was officially established on July 1, 2021. The organization has grown from a staff of four to twenty-five. ODGA has established itself as invaluable within the Commonwealth of Virginia having supported Governor-level initiatives and developed innovative solutions to support agencies. Furthermore, the Office of Data Governance and Analytics has been heralded as a thought leader for other agencies in terms of open data, infrastructure, and business intelligence capabilities.

In 2023, the Office of Data Governance and Analytics was tasked with assisting with several projects, including the data visualizations for the Governor’s initiative for Operation Bold Blue Line, the creation of automated dashboards displaying wait times for the Department of Motor Vehicles locations for the Chief Transformation Office, and assisting with the identification of veterans for the Department of Veterans Services.

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics has also implemented several solutions to assist Executive Branch agencies in their data governance and analysis capabilities. Solutions like Microsoft Purview and Power Business Intelligence (BI) help agencies better maintain and analyze the data that they have, thus helping them make better decisions on how to use the data to impact Virginians.

This report highlights the Office of Data Governance and Analytics’ proof of performance, which includes solutions the team has developed or are in development, as well as Commonwealth executive branch agency projects. The Virginia Data Governance Framework section outlines the Virginia Data Advisory Commission and the Commonwealth of Virginia data governance structure in progress.

The Office asks the General Assembly to view this report with the awareness that although the Office of Data Governance and Analytics team is small, the accomplishments made have impacted agencies and in turn, Virginians, in an immensely positive way. We cannot understate the importance of the Operation Bold Blue Line data visualizations that have helped the Commonwealth make decisions regarding law enforcement resource allocation. Since the implementation of the initiative, law enforcement has seized 2060 pounds of narcotics, including 47 pounds of fentanyl. In addition to this, 857 felony and 721 misdemeanor arrests have been made.

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics is proud to present this report to the General Assembly, which highlights the solutions and projects that the office is most proud of and that benefit Commonwealth agencies the most.