SD29 - Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Health Care

Executive Summary:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Virginia (Title 9, Chapter 38, 9-311 through 9-316) establishing the Joint Commission on Health Care and setting forth its purpose, I have the honor of submitting herewith the Annual Report for the calendar year ending December 31, 1996.

This 1996 annual report includes a summary of the Joint Commission's 1996 activities and legislative recommendations to the 1997 General Assembly and an overview of health care issues facing Virginia and the nation. Copies of the Legislation sponsored by the Joint commission and passed by the 1997 General Assembly also are included.

In addition to this annual report, a separate report was published as a House or Senate document for each study the Joint Commission conducted pursuant to a joint study resolution. The document numbers of the individual study reports are identified on page 5.