HD65 - Land Development Patterns and Ways to Address Demands for Increased Services and Infrastructure Resulting from Residential Growth

Executive Summary:
The 11-member joint subcommittee created by House Joint Resolution No. 195 (1998) is the result of a merger of several proposed study resolutions. The joint subcommittee was chaired by Delegate Gladys B. Keating and vice-chaired by Senator Stephen H. Martin.

The initial focus of HJR 195 was on the impact of rapid growth upon land development patterns. Proposed SJR 107 was to examine proffer zoning and impact fees, while proposed SJR 53 would emphasize local infrastructure needs and land use taxation. The resulting HJR 195 instructed the joint subcommittee to examine the cost and impact of land development patterns and identify approaches by which local governments can address demands for increased services and infrastructure resulting from residential growth and to specifically study the use of proffer zoning and impact fees. The joint subcommittee was further instructed to communicate with the Commission on the Future of the Environment regarding any overlapping issues in order to minimize duplication of effort.