SD23 - Efforts to Pass Federal Legislation Which Provides States and Localities Powers to Regulate Out-of-State Waste

  • Published: 1999
  • Author: Virginia Liaison Office

Executive Summary:
This report examines the state of solid waste management in the Commonwealth of Virginia and presents findings from a review of the historical as well as the current regulatory and public opinion perspective. This report focuses on the past and current practices as well as policy considerations with regard to the importation and disposal of solid waste in the Commonwealth. A diverse group of people representing all facets of solid waste and solid waste management were interviewed during the course of the project.

This report is the most comprehensive examination of the management of solid waste in the Commonwealth of Virginia that has been compiled to date. As the regulatory picture continues to change and more and more accurate information is gathered the findings and numbers presented in this document may be refined. This report serves as a historical point in time document for the current state of solid waste management in Virginia.

Findings are presented in sections on a historical perspective on solid waste, a background on the federal regulations, a history of Virginia's solid waste management efforts, the current state of solid waste management in Virginia, an identification of key issues, a compilation of thoughts on solid waste management collected during the interview process, and an examination of the "Commerce Clause" of the United States Constitution.