RD340 - Auditor of Public Accounts 2012 Annual Report

Executive Summary:
The reports we issued in 2012 have dealt with a wide array of topics that affect the administration of how Virginia government delivers services to the public. These topics range from actions the Commonwealth can undertake to reduce the cost of future system development efforts to the nature of court funding to concerns about the safety of state and local police officers if the Commonwealth does not update and improve the Virginia Criminal Information Network.

Our staff’s wide ranging knowledge of the accounting and general operations of State government and their expertise in specific technical areas allows us to address issues such as systems development and security, administration and fiscal management of the judicial system and fraud investigation techniques. While many reports this year appear to concentrate on system development issues, they have improving efficiency and effectiveness at their root.

We intend for our annual report to provide you with insights into how our office works each day to give you a greater ability to question agency management about their activities, and hold them accountable for their role in maintaining Virginia’s status as the best managed state in the country. The next few pages provide a brief look into who we are and a few of the reports we issued this year. Additional details are in the body of our 2012 Annual Report.

You can find the spotlighted reports from the 2012 Annual Report on our website www.apa.virginia.gov, where you can read a summary of our recommendations on the first page, and then peruse the remainder of the report for the context and support behind our observations. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at: 804?225?3350 or Walter.Kucharski@apa.virgnia.gov.