RD407 - Regional and Statewide Training Regarding the Children's Services Act (CSA) - December 2015

Executive Summary:
The mission of the Office of Children’s Services (OCS) is to facilitate a collaborative system of services and funding that is child-centered, family- focused, and community based when addressing the strengths and needs of youth and their families in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To support this mission, OCS develops and implements a robust training plan annually. In accordance with the 2015 training plan, the following activities were implemented:

• The 4th Annual Commonwealth of Virginia CSA Conference, “An Informed System of Care” was provided for an audience of 587 participants. Individual training sessions are summarized on pages 5 through 10 of this report.

Participant Summary:

118 out of 131 CSA local entities were represented

State agency participants: 46
Local CSA Staff (Coordinator/UR Specialist/Other): 134
Public Agency Case Managers: 15
Local Government Representatives: 19
Family Assessment and Planning Team Members: 123
Community Policy and Management Team Members: 81
Private Providers (registrants & sponsors): 61
Advocate, Parent and/or Child Organization: 14
Presenters: 39

Note: Not all participants identified the category they represented

• Forty-one regional and stakeholder training sessions were provided to 1,480 participants. Training topics, dates, and participant numbers are summarized on pages 2 through 4 of this report.

• Online training materials were made available through the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Knowledge Center.

• Site-based technical assistance was provided per requests of local and regional CSA stakeholders.

• Online “OCS Help Desk” was upgraded and maintained.