RD259 - Report on Non-Supplanting Information Provided by Recipients of State Law Enforcement Assistance ("599" Funds)

Executive Summary:
Paragraph C.2, Item 400 of the Appropriations Act, requires recipients of "599" funds to certify to us that the funds will not be used to supplant any local funds provided for public safety services, and to report to us the amounts of local funds provided for these services. The paragraph also directs the Department to report this information to you. As in previous years, we incorporated this requirement into our annual process of verifying localities' eligibility to receive these funds by including a non-supplanting certification which localities were required to complete and return to us.

Attached is a spreadsheet showing the fiscal 2016 allocations of "599" funds for the eligible localities and the amounts of local revenues they reported budgeting for public safety for that year.

In keeping with § 15.2-1302, the Town of Clifton Forge remains in the "Cities" portion of our spreadsheet, despite its reversion to town status.