RD431 - Department of Conservation and Recreation’s 2016 Interim Report on the Rehabilitation of High Hazard Soil and Water Conservation District Impounding Structures (Dams)

Executive Summary:
The Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (Department) District Dam Rehabilitation Committee (Committee) comprised of members of the Department, the Soil and Water Conservation Districts (District), and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, respectfully submits this interim report regarding the development of a Plan for Rehabilitation of District Owned Dams (Rehabilitation Report). This interim report is being submitted to satisfy the requirements of Item 364 L. of Chapter 780 of the 2016 Virginia Acts of Assembly:

“L. The Department of Conservation and Recreation, in collaboration with Soil and Water Conservation Districts, shall develop a plan containing cost estimates, for the rehabilitation of high hazard Soil and Water Conservation District owned and managed impounding structures. An interim plan shall be provided to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees by November 1, 2016, with a final plan due by November 1, 2017.”

Within this interim report, the Committee has defined the actions and resources needed to complete the Rehabilitation Report by November 1, 2017. Cost estimates and dam rehabilitation prioritization will be included in the final Rehabilitation Report based on preliminary engineering analyses.