RD568 - The Use of Segregation in Virginia’s Juvenile Detention Homes and Correctional Centers – December 14, 2016

Executive Summary:
During the 2016 General Assembly Session, Senator Favola introduced Senate Bill 215. The substitute version of SB 215 required the Board of Juvenile Justice to promulgate regulations on the use of room segregation in juvenile detention homes and juvenile correctional facilities. Members of the House Courts of Justice Committee reviewed the bill and it was laid on the table. The Commission on Youth received a letter from the Chair of the House Courts of Justice Committee requesting a review of the bill and the concept it addresses and to make recommendations prior to the 2017 General Assembly Session. The Commission on Youth designed a study plan to consider the implications of various policy options regarding segregation of youths in Virginia’s juvenile detention homes and correctional facilities. Text of the substitute version of Senate Bill 215 can be found under Appendix A.

After presentations of the findings and recommendations at the Commission’s September 20 and October 20, 2016 meetings, and receipt of public comment, the Commission on Youth approved the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1

Request the Board of Juvenile Justice, in consultation with experts in the fields of mental health and juvenile justice and child-rights advocates, to promulgate regulations on the use of room segregation in juvenile correctional facilities and detention homes.

Recommendation 2

Continue to monitor the Department of Juvenile Justice’s comprehensive review of the residential requirements for juvenile correctional centers and secure juvenile detention centers which began in the summer of 2016, and request presentation updates from the department as needed.