RD29 - Virginia Board of Workforce Development 2017 Annual Report – December 15, 2017

Executive Summary:

On behalf of Vice Chairman Nat Marshall and members of the Board, I am honored to present the 2017 Annual Report of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development. This report details the Board’s activities over the past year and the actions and determinations it made to satisfy statutory responsibilities and objectives set out in our strategic plan.

In addition, the Board developed and delivered a series of policy recommendations to the Governor, many of which are shaping the workforce system and the way it does business. The Board also developed a set of policy recommendations for the future. There are five primary areas of focus:

• Strategic Leadership and Operational Continuity

• Creating a Best-in-Class Workforce Service Delivery System

• Driving Program and Resource Alignment

• Building Talent-Pipelines and an Industry-Focused Workforce System

• Unwavering Commitment to System Performance and Accountability

This year, the Board held a successful planning retreat, reflecting on the Board’s purpose, mission, and identifying strategies to improve our effectiveness. This is especially important moving forward, as the Board will be growing from 26 to 41 members in the coming year. This will increase our representation of businesses and bring new voices to the table to discuss solutions to Virginia’s workforce challenges.

As I reflect on my final year as chairman of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development, I am proud of the work of the members and would like to thank our outstanding Executive Director, Sara Dunnigan, and support staff from the Virginia Community College System, the Virginia Employment Commission, and the Department of Veterans Services, for their efforts on behalf of all Virginians.


/s/ Mark A. Herzog
Virginia Board of Workforce Development