RD30 - Christopher Newport University 2018 Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activity

    Executive Summary:

    Christopher Newport University is a public institution of higher education, created by §§ 23.1-1400 through 1403 and governed by the General Assembly of Virginia. In 2013, several sections of the Code of Virginia were amended to direct certain actions be taken by the Boards of Visitors of all public institutions of higher education in Virginia. The requirements are reflected in Chapter 577 of the Acts of the General Assembly (2013).

    At the direction of Virginia Code § 23.1-1303, this Summary of Interim Activity is submitted this January 9, 2018. All necessary changes and operational efforts directed by Chapter 577 have been incorporated into the operations and activities of the Board of Visitors of Christopher Newport University.

    In 2017, the Christopher Newport University Board of Visitors conducted its business as a “state public body" for purposes of the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and only conducted closed meetings in conformance with the provisions of that law.

    In conformance with the provisions of the Code, the Board of Visitors convened and conducted a separate meeting on June 2, 2017, for the purpose of delivering an evaluation of the President’s performance. This meeting was in addition to the four other meetings of the Board as required by Christopher Newport’s enabling legislation.