RD34 - Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee 2017 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee (VRRBAC) was established in the executive branch of state government as an advisory committee to the Virginia delegation to the Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission. Duties and powers of the VRRBAC are pursuant to Virginia Code § 62.1-69.34.

This report provides information regarding the VRRBAC’s activities during the 2017 calendar year. The VRRBAC met one time from December 2016 to December 2017.

The meeting included a succession of VRRBAC Officers consistent with the Committee ByLaws. The VRRBAC engaged in a discussion about changes to Virginia Water Protection Regulations and how those changes could impact water withdrawal applications that include an interbasin transfer. Virginia DEQ staff also updated the VRRBAC on the status and findings of the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Advisory Committee. The VRRBAC also received a drought status update for the Roanoke River Basin. Neither the standing committees nor the ad hoc committee met in 2017. VRRBAC members recommended that the next meeting focus on strategic planning to improve the effectiveness of the Committee.

Further details of this work can be found on the VRRBAC page on DEQ’s website:

This constitutes the Chairman’s executive summary of activity and work of the advisory committee, pursuant to Virginia Code § 62.1-69.35:2.


/s/ Billy Martin
Chair, Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee