RD148 - 2018 Health Information Needs Workgroup Report to the State Health Commissioner – November 2018

Executive Summary:

At the direction of the State Health Commissioner, Virginia Health Information (VHI) established a multi-stakeholder workgroup to study and make recommendations for the ongoing needs for Virginia healthcare information to support healthcare reform. In § 32.1-276.9:1, specific mention is made to the development and operation of the All Payer Claims Database (APCD), the Virginia Health Information Exchange (ConnectVirginia) and any other health reform initiatives. As required VHI established the workgroup as outlined in the law and began efforts to meet the specific requirements of § 32.1-276.9:1 as outlined below:

§ 32.1-276.9:1. Health information needs related to reform; work group.

A. The Commissioner shall direct the nonprofit organization to establish a work group to study continuing health information needs and to develop recommendations for design, development and operation of systems and strategies to meet those needs. The work group shall include representatives of the Department of Health, the Department of Medical Assistance Services, the Department of Health Professions, the State Corporation Commission's Bureau of Insurance, the Virginia Health Reform Initiative, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, the Virginia Association of Health Plans, the Medical Society of Virginia, healthcare providers and other stakeholders and shall:

1. Identify various health information needs related to implementation of healthcare reform initiatives, including those associated with development and operation of an all-payer claims database, the Virginia Health Information Exchange, the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange and any other health reform initiatives. In doing so, the work group shall identify the clinical and paid claims information required and the purposes for which such information will be used; and

2. Identify opportunities for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of health information systems, reducing duplication of effort related to collection of health information and minimizing costs and risks associated with collection and use of health information.

B. The Commissioner shall report on activities, findings and recommendations of the work group annually to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than December 1 of each year, beginning in 2014.