RD397 - Virginia Department of Labor and Industry 2018 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

I am pleased to present to you the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s 2018 Annual Report. We remain committed to serving the citizens, employers and employees of the Commonwealth by promoting safe, healthful workplaces, best employment practices, job training opportunities through Registered Apprenticeship, the protection of children from hazardous employment, and safe operation of boiler and pressure vessels. Several of our exciting milestones and accomplishments for this calendar year include:

Our Registered Apprenticeship Division held expos and clinics to expand Registered Apprenticeship knowledge.

In conjunction with the Local 10 Plumbers and Pipefi tters, we hosted The Women, Wires, Sticks, Bricks, Pipes, Trucks, and Dollars event, bringing together employers and prospective future Registered Apprentices, and encouraging women’s interest in male-dominated industries in the workforce.

Our VOSH VPP Program held Best Practice Days to support education of safety and health practices. The 2018 Goodyear Best Practices Day was hosted at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville with over 125 registered attendees, and focused on lockout/tagout hazards.

Virginia VPP welcomed its newest and largest Virginia STAR site at the United Airlines Airport Operations at Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia with a flag ceremony.

Partnering with the Virginia Department of Corrections, we created a VADOC Challenge Program to recognize safety and health excellence at corrections facilities around the Commonwealth.

We provided quality safety and health training through our expanding Annual Safety and Health Conference. This year’s conference had over 333 attendees and 33 vendors and participants.

We have offices located throughout the Commonwealth staffed with qualified, trained safety and health professionals available to assist you. For additional information on our activities and services, please visit our website at http://www.doli.virginia.gov.

If my staff or I can be of assistance to you, please contact us.


/s/ C. Ray Davenport