RD618 - Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee 2019 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee (VHESUAC) is pleased to report on coordination of higher education substance misuse prevention efforts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VHESUAC partners include public and private institutions of higher education, student leaders, state agencies, and other statewide organizations that promote health and safety.

VHESUAC aims to create a statewide environment and culture that values student health and safety and supports prevention efforts, as made evident by reduced student substance misuse on college campuses. Through this, VHESUAC will promote a collaborative and coordinated effort among Virginia’s colleges and universities to advocate for prevention programming and recovery support, implement science-based approaches, and facilitate a network for information sharing and action planning.

Virginia ABC’s Education and Prevention Section coordinates VHESUAC and the structure includes two tiers: the Executive Council and Workgroup.

During this reporting period, the Executive Council and Workgroup, representatives provided feedback on a research proposal to assist with identifying gaps and themes in substance use education, prevention, and intervention at Virginia’s public and private institutions of higher education. The results of this research will inform the development of recommendations and goals for the statewide strategic plan. A stakeholder analysis and gap analysis were also conducted with representatives to assess the involvement of key partners and to develop a clear vision for the future. This report intends to detail these meetings and action steps of the research proposal, as well as explain the formation of VHESUAC, its current structure, and its vision for the future.