RD383 - Virginia Victims Fund 2020 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Victims Fund, officially the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund, is administered by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. We acknowledge that crime has no boundaries and makes no discriminations. It permeates every community and leaves a lasting impact, regardless of age, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status or economic status.

Each year, thousands of Virginians suffer the shock, indignity, and trauma of criminal victimization. These occurrences, have a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being, as well as one’s sense of security. To these survivors and their families, the Virginia Victims Fund affirms its unwavering commitment to provide compassion and understanding during the most vulnerable hours.

This year, Virginia celebrated 25 years since the signing of the Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act. We commend the thousands of victim advocates, Commonwealth Attorneys and public safety professionals who work tirelessly to secure victims’ rights and support survivors. This year’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Theme—Honoring our Past, Creating Hope for the Future—so perfectly embodies the commitment, perseverance and energy that launched the Victims’ Rights Movement and continues to inspire its progress.

Despite the national and local challenges experienced this year, Virginia continues to persevere. In this year’s report, I am pleased to share with you milestone achievements which reflect our commitment to survivors and their families; demonstrates collaboration and coordination of efforts with our partners, and promotes better care, better service, and better results for victims of crime.

The Virginia Victims Fund celebrates and thanks all of our Community Partners, Allied Professionals and everyone else engaged in victim services for their tireless work and commitment to continual progress for crime victims.

We look forward to the next 25 years of progress together in Virginia.

In solidarity and service,

Kassandra Bullock
Director, Virginia Victims Fund