RD609 - First Annual Report of Virginia Electric and Power Company on the Implementation of a Pilot Aggregation Program Pursuant to House Bill 1451 for Public School Excess Wind or Solar Renewable Generation – December 1, 2020

Executive Summary:

This report will provide an annual update from Virginia Electric and Power Company d/b/a Dominion Energy Virginia (the “Company") regarding its implementation of a pilot program for public school excess wind or solar renewable generation (“Pilot Program") as required by Section XI. of the Guidelines for Public School Excess Wind or Solar Renewable Generation Pilot Program (the “School Pilot Guidelines").(*1)

The School Pilot Guidelines were established pursuant to House Bill 1451, enacted as Chapter 415 of the 2018 Virginia Acts of Assembly and codified as § 56-585.1:7 of the Code of Virginia (the “Code").(*2) On November 26, 2018, the School Pilot Guidelines were adopted by the State Corporation Commission (the “Commission") in Ordering Paragraph (1) of its Order Establishing Guidelines, entered in Case No. PUR-2018-00061. The School Pilot Guidelines will govern the Pilot Program for the treatment of any Host School's excess generation, as envisioned by the Code and as described in the Commission’s Order Establishing Guidelines. The School Pilot Guidelines are attached hereto as Appendix A.
(*1) Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein have the definitions given to them in the School Pilot Guidelines.
(*2) The Commission was directed to adopt rules or establish guidelines as may be necessary for the general administration of the Pilot Program.