RD660 - Virginia-Israel Advisory Board Annual Report FY 2020 – December 1, 2020

Executive Summary:

FY 20 was a challenging year due to COVID -19, but we were still able to accomplish many positive activities.

Some highlights are Governor Northam’s economic trip to Israel. This being the first trip outside of Europe, indicating the importance of Israel in the economic development strategy of the Commonwealth.

The Israel Ministry of Defense delegation came to Virginia. We established an on-going defense and maritime program which leverages the strong synergies between Israel and Virginia in these segments.

The first VIAB Economic Impact Study done on Oran Safety Glass (OSG) by Old Dominion University, Dragas Center for Economic Analysis and Policy was released showing that the 10 year economic impact of OSG on the Commonwealth of Virginia (2000-2019) was a $400 million contribution to the Virginia economy. This was 2000 times VIAB’s 2019 budget and 100 times VIAB’s budget since inception and will continue as an on-going economic impact for the foreseeable future.

I am very grateful to our Executive Director, Dov Hoch, in accomplishing these and other economic advantages for Virginia during this challenging period.

I would like to thank our Board members who provided a balanced presence throughout the Commonwealth and have contributed their time, contacts, and resources to advancing our mission.

/s/ Mel Chaskin
Virginia Israel Advisory Board