RD662 - Cost of Additional Developmental Disabilities Waiver Slots – Fiscal Year 2020 – October 1, 2020

Executive Summary:

For FY 2019, the General Assembly approved 1,695 new slots as demonstrated in Table 1, displayed on page 2 of the report.

Of the 1,695 new slots, Item 303.I.4.f requires annual tracking of the 1,319 slots (highlighted yellow in the above table) outlined in I.4a, I.4.b. I.4.c.

For this reporting period, data supporting the 603 FY 2019 slots has been reported. These slots were assigned to the Community Services Boards (CSB) in September 2018. Following CSB distribution, the board assigns the slots to individuals. Once assigned, time is necessary for Case Managers to help connect individuals with services. And even more time is necessary for the chosen provider to begin billing for services. In order to account for the timing of the operational process, it was determined by both agencies (DMAS and DBHDS) that reporting statistics for the year post assignment provides the most accurate information.

For the 603 slots assigned in FY 2019 and tracked in FY 2020, this report itemizes costs, placements, and authorized services. As the details of this report are reviewed, it is important to remember that this is only a cohort of the larger population of active Developmental Disability (DD) waivers.