RD446 - Virginia Victims Fund 2021 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

As we prepare the Fund’s FY2021 Annual Report, we reflect on the unprecedented health, social, and economic challenges that occurred in the past year. Drawing on our Agency’s core value of innovation, VVF was able to pivot operations seamlessly to meet the challenges brought forth by the pandemic. Transitioning many roles remotely, VVF continued to process claims and provide much needed timely compensation services to victims of crime and their families at improved levels.

While the challenges throughout the victim services field have been extraordinary, it has been our greatest honor to witness the resolve and commitment of our staff and allied professionals who continue to support victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process, during recovery, and provide hope for their future.

Through the many challenges, VVF remained focused on our mission and dedicated to our core values of innovation, respectfulness, accountability, reliability, impartiality, integrity and effectiveness. That focus enabled VVF to continue to provide responsive services to crime victims, their families, advocates and services providers.

The lessons learned will guide us in continued success as we conduct a Victim Compensation Service Gap Analysis and Assessment in collaboration with the Office of Victims of Crime; implement organizational changes identified in the VVF Vision 2021 plan, and refine and improve upon procedures that impact decision times for claimants, medical providers, and other stakeholders.

Concentration in these areas will promote a victim-centered response in all areas of VVF programs. This is our goal as we continue on the pathway forward. Despite the local and national challenges experienced this year, together we continue to persevere.

This report is a testament to our collective commitment in service to survivors of crime and their families; effective partnership through interagency collaboration and coordination of efforts and commitment to moving forward to increasing holistic approaches for crime victims in the Commonwealth.

In solidarity and service,

Kassandra Bullock
Director, Virginia Victims Fund