SD8 - Report of the Public Body Procurement Workgroup on Whether the Issue of Nonpayment Between General Contractors and Subcontractors Necessitates Legislative Corrective Action (Chapter 727, 2022)

Executive Summary:

The second enactment of Chapter 727 of the Acts of Assembly of 2022 (SB 550), patroned by Senator John J. Bell, directed the Department of General Services' (DGS') Public Body Procurement Workgroup (Workgroup) to review whether the issue of nonpayment between general contractors and subcontractors necessitates legislative corrective action. The legislation set a deadline of December 1, 2022 for the Workgroup to submit a report with its findings and any legislative recommendations to the General Assembly.

In response to this legislation, stakeholders were identified and four Workgroup meetings were held at which SB 550 was discussed. This report summarizes the information presented to the Workgroup by stakeholders and subject matter experts and the Workgroup’s findings and recommendations.