RD495 - Department of Human Resource Management Telework Report

Executive Summary:

Telework Policy / Framework and Data Recordation

• In 2019, telework data was recorded in the HR System of Record based on Remote Work Categories, consistent with the Telework Policy in place at the time. The data was not recorded by “count by days." Remote Work Categories included the following telework eligible categories:

o Full-Time Teleworker – teleworks all or a clear majority of the planned work schedule.

o Hybrid Teleworker – teleworks a minimum of 32 hours or more per month but less than full-time.

o Limited Teleworker – teleworks consistently less than 32 hours per month on a limited, sporadic, or task driven basis.

• From March 2020 through July 4, 2022, telework data continued to be recorded by Remote Work Categories as described above. Telework increased significantly during this timeframe due to the COVID pandemic, and the required implementation of mitigation strategies to reduce workplace exposure to the virus. However, agency recording of increased telework usage in the Commonwealth’s human capital management systems was a lesser priority due to pandemic related priorities during this timeframe. For this reason, it is unlikely that the data for this period captured all active teleworkers.

• Effective July 5, 2022, consistent with the implementation of the Governor’s revised Telework Policy, telework data is recorded by the number of employees approved for teleworking, and the number of days per week such employees are approved to telework.

• This report provides telework data to reflect approved telework agreements for September 7, 2022. The September timeframe provides an accurate reflection of approved telework agreements for the coming year.